Stab Shadow is a unique design studio, providing creative and impactful design inspired by and created for the martial arts community. From simple print & web projects for events and workshops to full-service brand design and identity, Stab Shadow offers top-level service that understands the needs of the martial arts community along with clean, elegant design to help your martial arts business thrive.
Brand design and identity
Logo design
Web design
Product design (book and DVD covers)
Screenprint design (clothing and merchandise)
Digital advertising and social media
digital ronin - a wandering samurai with no master and a mobile design studio​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Originally from Australia, Shane began his own martial arts journey at the age of 12 when he started Taekwondo classes. He quickly earned his black belt and began teaching a few years later. Since then Shane has travelled the world studying various disciplines including Brazilian jiujitsu, Capoeira, Judo, Systema - Russian Martial Art, Filipino Arnis/Kali, Muay Thai, Indian Kusti, Kalari Payat, Yoga and Tai Chi. 

These days, he is a dedicated student and teacher of Systema and Brazilian jiujitsu.

Shane began his creative career as a designer and commercial artist in 1997. His wanderlust has taken him across six continents where he has honed his skills as a both a visual artist and a martial artist. And he continues to find himself in places that ignite his passion for both.

Stab Shadow marries Shane’s expertise and two great passions - visual art and martial art - providing synergistic design created by a martial artist for the martial arts.
Shane understands that great design not only looks good but also sends a message that makes a lasting impression. He believes that the martial arts industry deserves to look better and, through Stab Shadow, he aims to fill that void. His global perspective has attracted an international client roster from Australia, North America, Asia, and South America. His years of experience in the martial arts combined with an equal amount of experience in the visual arts (illustration, photography, graphic design and digital art) guarantee true creative excellence and brand impact for his clients. 
To view Shane’s other design work visit shaneberesford.com
To view Shane’s martial arts work visit suavefuerza.com
Shine & Humm, Stab Shadow’s full-service parent agency, expands the offerings to combine the visual and the verbal - creative communication concepts and brand design that bring your projects to life. Visit shineandhumm.com for details.
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